Move over magnolia...and take the sample paint pots with you.

Who says you need the dream house before you can have the dream aesthetic? Lick believe that you can start living the dream from day one in the room you're renting from aunt Betty. With a lick of paint and a wondrous wallpaper you'll be happy in no don't need to wait for the dream salary either.

This project requires a bit of explanation...we came on board before Lick had sold their first drop of paint. These films were all about causing a stir (recommend before application) and starting on the right foot. We shot the paint, wallpaper and supplies in aspirational room sets in a studio to ensure that nobody was excluded. Alongside the films we created a series of short explainer videos and photographed it all for Lick's launch - content is king for a new brand and we were all keen to capitalise on the set-build.


Lick launched on the same day as the UK's first COVID lockdown in 2020. Bad timing! Well, actually not so bad...with all of our lives reduced to the four walls of our living room and bedrooms we suddenly started to notice magnolia everywhere we looked. Introducing Lick. We all realised how indebted we are to the NHS in the first few months of the pandemic with a weekly applause to express our gratitude. Lick wanted to say thank you in their own special way and so they created the Blue-111 colour with all proceeds going to our favourite public institution.

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