Because honest storytelling
is good storytelling.


We dream of a world rich with authentic storytelling. Where trust is the default. Where we are inspired by the goodness of some and challenged by the struggle of others.

We believe that this is why we are here, contributing to the world we wish to see. It’s the vision that dictates the direction for our work each day. And it’s the value we wish to bring to the people around us, the people around you.

What we do

We’re a creative team specialising in film, web, design, photography, and branding. Our priority is always to understand, develop and share the story in the most effective and authentic way.

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Our people...

  • Ben Saunders

    Ben is an adventurer - that is for sure. He loves exploring and pushing himself to the limits. We love this about him because he takes that spirit around the world, but also brings it back to the office with him to make our work the best it can be.

    Ben Saunders
    Little Ben

    If Ben was a biscuit he would be a Jaffa Cake - we're not sure he is playing by the rules but he's so tasty we don't care.

  • Zac Crawley

    Zac would love to have been good enough to play football for Man City. Alas, he isn't. But we're happy that he isn't because he lives and breathes Candour, and Sergio Aguero is better at scoring goals.

    Zac Crawley
    Little Zac

    If Zac was a character from the Simpsons he would like to be Bart but realistically he's more of a Todd.

What we are up to...

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