What we do

We make creative for brands; explainer films, commercials, campaigns and more. We take ideas from conception through to delivery with the flexibility to meet your team where you need us most.

We’re a small nimble team of creatives with an idea-first approach to everything that we make.

Our approach

Plug-in creative team: fresh-eyed perspectives with the responsiveness and understanding of an internal team. Your brand and voice are carefully considered in every stage of production.

Creativity informed by data: algorithms tell you (and everyone else) how to make the perfect ad for the algorithms. That’s our starting point – to which we add the story, human-ness and ideas that speak to real people. 

Collaboration: we know that you and your team have experience and knowledge that we can draw from. Our strategy is to meet you where you are as a team; we can absorb the whole project or deliver at a modular level. 

Who we are

We’re a small team (Gabriel, Ben, Lily and Zac) of filmmakers based in Bermondsey, South East London. We see our projects through from inception to delivery, working closely with our clients. We are all-in creatives, skills include: directing, producing, DOP, editing, sound mastering, colour grading and 2D animation. But we’re not all about video and film. We’re also photographers and designers with a strong roster of trusted freelancers always to hand. 

We are passionate about making great films and are invested in the stories or clients that we represent.

Where it all began...

The front room of a student house in Cornwall. Surrounded by inspiring creatives and the chaos of art school, the winter storms brewed, so did our desire to get out there into the world and create. Film became the vehicle for our ideas and passion.

Like with all new ideas, we dusted off our dictionaries, glanced nervously across the drawingboard and ended up with a name. Candour; to be honest, upright and frank.

With a name decided and some dogged determination we set our sights on making films that caught the eye and the imagination.