We’re suckers for a story,
And we’ve fallen for film.

What we do

Whether you’re envisioning a year-long campaign or a wee little teaser film, we start at the thing that makes you zing. You may have that all figured out, or you’re somewhere along that journey. Wherever you are, we’ll work with you to make your zing sing and put it in the hands of the people. We plan, write, script, storyboard, create, make, film, edit, grade, record, master, refine, animate, subtitle, crop, cut-down, smile, photograph, review, repeat - and if we don't we source.

proof is in the pudding

Why Candour

Video has become central in today's digital world. Our focus is on making the best films for today's marketers. Adopting your tone of voice and creating for your objectives.

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Our people

We've got most bases covered with our in-house team of creatives but we also have a talented pool of freelancers on speed-dial for those more bespoke moments.

  • Ben Saunders

    Ben is a self-branded Jack of all trades who loves turning his hand to new challenges and learning from anyone that will teach him.

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  • Zac Crawley

    Growing up in Bristol, Zac had an interest in people and how they work, this gave direction for his photographic work. Candour brings people and creation under the same roof.

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‘It takes a village to raise a child’ much is the same for creativity whether its direct involvement or brainstorming over a coffee. This is an ode to the community of people who contribute to make us better in big and small ways. We’d recommend that you either hire or get to know them!

  • Roundtable Studio
    Design Consultancy
  • Feruza Afewerki
  • Liz Tregaskis
  • Freddie Reed
    DOP & Photographer