Because honest storytelling
is good storytelling.


We dream of a world rich with authentic storytelling. Where trust is the default. Where we are inspired by the goodness of some and challenged by the struggle of others.

We believe that this is why we are here, contributing to the world we wish to see. It’s the vision that dictates the direction for our work each day. And it’s the value we wish to bring to the people around us, the people around you.

What we do

We’re a creative team specialising in film, web, design, photography, and branding. Our priority is always to understand, develop and share the story in the most effective and authentic way.

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Our people...

  • Ben Saunders

    Born and raised on the south coast, Ben ventured to Bristol which would mark the beginning of his relationship with Candour. He offers unparalleled logic and is abounding in wit and charm.

    Ben Saunders

    We're not entirely sure what Ben does, but perhaps that's the nature of being a child genius. Underappreciated and misunderstood. But doesn't he look great in yellow and blue?

    *Ben is over the legal working age.

  • Zac Crawley

    Growing up in Bristol, Zac had an interest in people and how they work, giving direction for his photographic work. Candour brings people and creation under the same roof.

    Zac Crawley
    Numbers and Letters

    Zac goes large on patterns and rhymes. He finds himself stuck between the smarties and the creatives. Jack-of-all, master-of-none. But, blimey with that smile...

What we are up to...

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