Making plants easy.

It isn't always easy to bring the outside in, but Patch are making that possible for us all. They're transforming our cities, beginning with the mantlepiece and the hallway.


Brand Story Film

Patch are all about empowering lovers of the city with everything they need to know to create their own Sherwood Forest within the M25. They’re the friendly faces of the plant world and that was important in this film.

Our aim was to capture the character of Patch and the imagination of people, scrolling their way through their evening commute, with dreams of a greener and cleaner living room.

Vybarr’s Story

Sometimes it’s better said by the people who matter the most! This is certainly the case with Vybarr who’s totally unique experience of Patch’s wonderful service had a quite remarkable impact on his life.

The purpose behind this film was to capture the brand values, but using a documentary style to give it a softer edge. These films work great as stand alone features, or in a larger campaign of short story films.

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