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Ice-cream supreme


After taking the British ice-cream market by storm, Jude's re-branded to give their pioneering flavours an equally fresh look. We worked with them to produce product photography and a vibrant film for the release of the flavour Caramel Pecan.


Ice-cream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream! Jude's screams a few more things than ice-cream - fun, family run, British ice-cream. This film had to encapsulate all of that while also showing the newest addition to the flavour family in the light it deserved. And blimey, judging by how it tastes it certainly does deserve the limelight!


Salted caramel, very vanilla,
Consume in the sunshine and after dinner.

As a part of their new look, we photographed the new line of tubs for Jude's, who are giving the frozen dessert a whole new look. Our objective was to borrow from the character of the brand, highlighting the fun factor while not ignoring that it's the quality of the ice-cream that has seen their rise in the market.


A tale of British dairy cows standing up for what they believe in...bloody good ice-cream. These designs have featured on the streets of the UK bringing the brand to the people. You'll now see Jude's in supermarkets and festivals around the UK. Being a friendly, family-run business, it has always been important to Jude's to remain soft and kind. This was our approach in these designs.

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