We believe there is a perfect way to tell every story. We  aim to present narratives in new ways because every story has a different character and shape. Understanding each story and combining that with innovative and creative perceptions we communicate the heart of the message.


We believe that it's of the highest importance that people know who they are and what they can offer to the world around them. We thrive on discovering your core purpose and recreate that as a visual story.


Our process begins with becoming immersed in a story and engaging with the core identity of the people or collective within. Starting with who you are.



Stories are as old as the human race. Mapping out the narrative of the story inspires how the visual components will draw together to create a clear dialogue.


Our Capabilities



web development

graphic design



Whether we're filming or designing or something else, our creativity is cultivated by the story we are telling, to shape the most pertinent artwork possible.




Freddie REED

Director, film maker, designer, photographer

Freddie is an out-of-the-box kind of guy, he takes the lead in the art-direction and design within Candour. He loves good branding and a finely tuned story. His favourite film is ‘A Place Beyond the Pines’, he cycles for transport and for pleasure and wouldn’t say no to finishing the day with a Cornish Tribute.

Photographer by nature, Freddie comes from a documentary background which transcends his photography into his design and film making. His most recent piece of work ‘Opt-in’ draws attention to the lives behind organ donation.


Zac Crawley

Director, editor, designer, writer,  photographer

Zac is a people person who loves an underdog. This has always been apparent in his photographic work, which centres around telling the stories of people who are unheard. He likes nothing more than to get to the heart of an idea or a concept and look strategically at the process of communicating it visually.  

He often sports a headpiece and could play football all day, every day. He is a strong believer in the rejuvenating power of a milkshake and is a sucker for a hearty lasagne.

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