This is a product launch and brand film rolled into one. A brand pitch, as well as the launch of a new product, was key to saying "hi" to new people while remaining connected to Solo's faithful as they launch their mass-market product to the world. We worked closely with the Solo team making sure that the tone-of-voice was spot on - so key for a brand with such distinctive messaging.

The headline Jollie’s manifesto film captures the story behind the company and the way in which the team goes about changing the world around them. We created and fine tuned the script to make sure that every word (and joke) was purposeful.

When your audience affords you a few minutes to tell the story you can be indulgent and generous with time. Jollie’s like most brands also were in need of regular marketing content which grabbed at attention and froze the forever scrolling thumbs of the world long enough to say hi.

Ed Vickers – founder

“I’ve worked with Candour for eight years now. Since starting Jollie’s, we’ve shaped strategy together, launched campaigns together, tested new ideas together, measured results together, refined a brand and built a business together. From product photography to creative strategy, their partnership-first approach is where the magic comes from, which ultimately ends up in the films they make. They’re also a pleasure to have a beer with. Which helps.”

Our partnership with Jollie’s has seen us create more still images than moving ones. From product photography which requires as much clarity as it requires character, to lifestyle imagery bringing together the foot and the sock in a mishmash of genuine moments and some “smile… smile with your feet. A little more?”