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Age - an irrelevant number.

British Heart Foundation

Sarah was a teenager when she was taken through how to perform CPR at school. Not long after her father collapsed and Sarah stepped up to perform CPR on her father and saved his life. The paramedics said to Sarah that if she hadn't performed CPR it would have been too late by the time that they got to the scene. We produced this film as a part of a CPR series of films for the British Heart Foundation.


We came alongside Sarah in this film to show a moment of triumph while also not ignoring the significance of the situation that could have ended tragically. It was her bravery and love for her father that pulled her through.

Mark Burrows

We produced this film, alongside Sarah's story. Mark's sons reacted quickly to their father's heart attack. They were so effective in their giving of CPR that Mark's recovery time was close to miraculous.


Images gathered while producing films for the British Heart Foundation's CPR series, raising the awareness of CPR in school and communities. Knowing how to perform CPR could be the difference between life and death. In these cases, it was.

Working with the team at Candour has been a great experience. They bring great ideas, fantastic people skills and genuine commitment to their work. They have produced powerful, emotive and beautifully- shot films for us.

Charlotte Rastan - Heart Story Manager
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