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Joining forces.
London & New York

Passavant & Lee

Passavant and Lee are committed to the highest quality and serving their clientele as efficiently as possible. We worked with them to produce a website that told their story while remaining effective and capturing the spirit of quality as seen in their product range.


Passavant & Lee are all about selling the very best, bringing together the highest quality materials from nations either side of the Atlantic Ocean. We produced their website showing off the class of their brand and delivering a unique and intuitive experience. We have heard before that you live and die by your products, for P&L it was so key to create a product page that gave a tactile-like experience, showing off the high bar of materials and craftsmanship without actually being able to feel the products themselves.


Passavant & Lee launched some amazing new products in 2017 accompanied by an update of their website. We worked with them to produce some photographs of their new products for their online gallery.

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