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I'm in pieces
Can't you see
I'm breaking it down for you
You're making me bleed baby

New Carnival

Let Me Shake, NC's first single, staked the bands claim as one to watch out for and with the release of some new music came their re-brand to give a visual representation to their sound. We worked with them to produce music videos for tracks Run for Cover and Where Do You Wanna Go?


We worked with director, Bertie Crawley (also the band's drummer), to produce this Brazilian martial art injected music video. It was always going to be punchy with the inclusion of the high-speed dance, but we aimed to draw out the narrative of the story through the movement and the emotion.


These photographs of the band, taken during the shooting of music video 'Where do you wanna go?', compare with the classic rock band vibes. At the same time, they capture the quirk and funk of the New Carnival brand.


The insignia is such an integral part of the New Carnival brand. It is designed to stand timeless and highlights the edge that NC bring to their storytelling music.


'Where do you wanna go?' was New Carnival's first music video release in a few years. And, with their newly discovered sound, we pushed for hiding their identity to give a greater excitement for their later releases.

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