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Living Lowe, flying high.

Lowe Guardians

Tim experienced first hand the joys and perils of guardian living and attempting to live in London inexpensively. It was his experience and dissatisfaction with the status quo that gave birth to Lowe Guardians. We worked with Lowe to produce their website, a point of contact for them and their client base, as well as communicating their story of low-cost living in London.


Bringing clarity to the vision. The Lowe Guardians website outlines their purpose and dream. It collates the interaction for guardians and landlords into the same place. We gave a face to the guardians which is such a key part of the business model, without people it doesn't work.


The design impacts all areas of the business for brand continuity. You might come across LG while walking around London with a board on one of the occupied buildings, or you could come across it through the website. The design is key to bringing all elements together.

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