Collective cover for cyclists

The folk at Laka were tired of impersonal, clunky and money grabbing insurance companies so they built Laka, a collective cover model for bicycles.


Explainer Film

Laka are disruptive by nature and wanted to explain how their process differs from the traditional insurance model whilst maintaining their punchy, irreverent tone of voice.


By pitting an energetic, confident Abby against the dull caricature Bob we were able to demonstrate both the appeal and need of this new way of doing things. Making a few jokes at the expense of some cash laden businessmen doesn’t hurt either.


Poor Bob.

Social first or socially distanced?

As always, we produced this film with social formats in mind but as you can see we had to think about more than that.


This was our first shoot outside since the world went into lockdown and it was great to be out and about. We kept the crew small and made sure that the two actors were part of the same household so that they could interact on screen (see hand slapping)

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