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The glimmer of possibility.

Broomwood in Ethiopia

Habtam, like so many children like her, wasn't born into a situation where hope and possibility were words regularly heard. But, through access to a good school, she has been given the opportunity to believe that she can step out of the cycle of poverty she has been born into. It's an opportunity that too few have, but those that do seem to relish more than most.


We produced these films on behalf of the school, St. Georges, who have opened their doors to the most vulnerable children. Those at the bottom of the pile. Before they had no reason to look ahead, but now they can dream. They can dream big. We hope this film captures the opportunity created for these people and the communities that they come from.


We photographed these children in their homes with their families. The parents and communities of the children make the necessary sacrifices because they know that a good education opens the possibility to another life.

Broomwood in Ethiopia

When the children put on their uniforms they felt proud and significant. It was an amazing transformation. School equals opportunity.

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