Fight for every heartbeat.

We’ve come to learn about the many reasons a heart might decide to beat its last. We’re yet to learn about anyone more passionate about tackling each of these reasons than the British Heart Foundation. These are a few of the many films that we’ve made, each of them uniquely inspiring.

British Heart Foundation


Each of these show stopping human beings took time from their busy schedules to learn a skill which would prove to be the difference between life and death. *Since making these films Sarah’s father has sadly passed away. Our prayers are with Sarah and her family.

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is labelled “the silent killer” for very good reason. In some cases there isn’t rhythm or rhyme. It is an unfair selection process that deems the incredible work of the BHF even more necessary.

Working with the team at Candour has been a great experience. They bring great ideas, fantastic people skills and genuine commitment to their work. They have produced powerful, emotive and beautifully shot films for us.

Charlotte Rastan Heart Story manager
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