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Words became life.

Bible for Life

Unlocking the profound meaning of the Bible, Nick Crawley applies his experience and extensive knowledge to guide people through the complexities of scriptures written centuries ago. Exposing the truths and possibilities that we might be tempted to otherwise ignore.


It was imperative that the website encouraged all types of people to engage with the Bible. The website focused on bringing a variety of engagement methods to the users; videos, photographs, written and audio. But the vision is to continue to expand and create more options for those wanting to learn in new ways.


Bible for Life is all about making the scriptures accessible. These pictures were all chosen for specific books because they capture the heart and meaning of the book. Whether it be a geographic or contextual taste or explains the heart of what the book is representing, each picture is specific and intentional.

Numbers - God’s people in the desert


James - Mature discipleship in action


1 Samuel - Saul and the transition to Monarchy


Romans - The Gospel of God's Son Jesus


Luke - Jesus; the Saviour of the world


Gaius (3 John) - When leaders become bullies


Not only has it been both fun and stimulating partnering with the Candour team in the creation and development of the 'Bible for Life' website, but their imagination and genuine interest in the project has considerably benefitted the outcome.

Nick Crawley - Founder BfL
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