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Fine artisan neckties

Augustus Hare

A fantastically English brand, Augustus Hare symbolises English tradition and heritage. Named after a Victorian travel writer, art historian and raconteur the brand bears the same characteristics: class and prestige. All production is carried out in the historic Macclesfield mills.


Leon is an actor and clothing designer...a creative in mostly all respects of the word. He isn't concerned about the colour clashing rules or how to be this and how to do that. He lives and breathes his design. These images are about the coming together of his story and life with the similarly creative and outspoken nature of the Augustus Hare brand and story.

Autumn Winter Interviews

All featured friends of Augustus Hare are passionate and popping their heads above the pulpit in their respective fields. These images are a story of people living to do one thing well and becoming the change you want to see.


Like with the rest of the Augustus Hare brand, the print design holds true to the English nature. Pleasantly spaced to give the content room to breathe featuring craftsmen in their respective fields.

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